Why Hire an OWI Attorney in Milwaukee

Unfortunately, many adults in Wisconsin have admitted that they have driven under the influence of alcohol at some point. Some of them got caught, while others got away with it. This state has a severe problem with drunk driving, and it is not a surprise that the penalties for this offense are becoming a lot stiffer than before.  

The fact that many people drive drunk is not surprising when you take into consideration that it is the only state where operating a vehicle while intoxicated is not a criminal offense. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need a lawyer in case you face these charges. If you get convicted, you can face serious consequences. 

According to research, an OWI can cost you more than thirty thousand dollars in the long-term. For example, if you face these charges, you will need to pay hefty fines and cover court costs and surcharges. Additionally, your car insurance rates will skyrocket as you will be considered a high-risk driver by insurance companies. They can double or triple quickly. You will also face a mandatory Alcohol and Other Drug Assessment or AODA. You may also be required to have an IID or ignition interlock device installed. If you want to avoid these consequences, it would be the best idea to hire one of the best OWI attorneys in the Milwaukee area. 

Knowledge of OWI Laws 

One of the reasons for hiring a legal expert is that they are familiar with OWI laws and regulations. They know how different laws are applied in different cases and have the necessary skills and knowledge to build a strong defense strategy for your case and help you avoid severe penalties. They can also tell you a lot about how the circumstances of your case, and the laws, can affect the outcome of your situation. 

Review the Events 

Another reason to hire an attorney is that they will review the circumstances surrounding your case. There is more to your situation that you may be aware of. If you lack the legal knowledge and skills, you have no idea what to look for when you go over the chain of events that lead to your arrest. On the other hand, a lawyer knows how to review and assess every single action that took place since you got in your vehicle to the moment when you were released on bail. Something like this is crucial as your attorney will review actions taken by the arresting police officer and everyone involved, and check if everything was done according to current procedures and laws. If something wasn’t done right, a legal expert will use it to your advantage. 

Provide Counsel 

Finally, you should consider hiring a lawyer because he or she will advise you on your options and potential outcomes. If you hire professionals, they will review relevant information regarding your case, and help you decide whether to plead guilty or not. It is crucial to be able to make an informed decision as it will impact your future.